Events In 2022

Miracle Hour

By Pastor: Pastor Charmaine Cox

Join us every Monday morning @ 8:30 am
Miracle Hour radio broadcast program is to spread the gospel of Jesus.
to show people through the Bible that miracles still happen today.
All things are possible with God!
Live Via WROJ 98.9 Faith FM
or on its website

Noonday Prayer

By Pastor: Minister Julie Smith

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 12:00 noon
Noonday prayer is a radio broadcast where minister Julie Smith prays for: Marriages, Obedience, Strength, Boldness, Understanding, Our Country Leaders, Sick loved ones, The nation, Protection from the enemy, prayer for nonbelievers to find Truth, Financial Breakthroughs, Healing, prayer for any distractions to be removed, The strength to forgive our neighbors, For lukewarm Christians to fully commit to Jesus, prayers for Stronger faith, restoration and salvation.
Live Via WROJ 98.9 Faith FM
or on its website